Karelia àla carte
Karelia à la carte - with love

Karelia à la carte is a network of North Karelian restaurants and companies in travel-, foodstuff- and handicraft fields.  In our unique foodtravel network there is already over 80 companies all over the province.

On the Karelia à la carte table one can smell the aromes of tender poached wild boar, mutton and Karelian hot pot. To name a few, vendaces and other fresh water fishes in many forms, shiitake and forest mushrooms, rye breads offer memorable tastes, which are flavoured by different kinds of honeys, aromatic mustards, berry flavoure juicies, jammies, berry powders, sap of birch tree, and amazingly tasteful traditional pasties sultsina, tsupukka, kukkonen, pyörö and vatruska. Our versatile food culture is enriched by Karelia á la carte values:


Welcome to amongst the Karelian culinarism!

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