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Emmantupa – Agritourism

At Emmantupa you can enjoy the peace of the nature, accommodate sparsely and comfortably, and enjoy real and delicious local food. If you wish, you can also get to know the animals of the farm. The sheeps are pretty sociable, and they do not get tired of stroking and petting. All the food on offer has been either produced at the own farm, or at the neighbouring area by partners. In addition to traditional Karelian delicacies, one can see at the table traditional foods and bread from Tavastia, because the warden of the place has her roots there. Emmantupa offers also program services both for adults and children. Have you already experienced the relaxing and nurturant sod sauna of a sauna elf? The people of Emmantupa tries to make you wishes come true and make your visit a memorable one.

Welcome to be pampered at Emmantupa!


Emmantupa – Agritourism
Marjo ja Seppo Sormunen
Suontauksentie 46 A
puh. 040-5702759
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